Friday, November 13, 2015

Raise the roof for Peace & Justice!

The Sunnyside Center is devoted to providing opportunities to develop understanding and appreciation for the history and culture of Hispanics in the area in and around Adrian, MI, through Classes, workshops, and presentations, films and discussions, social actions and economic development.
In October 2015 our director Laura Parra Codina purchased our first property at 2471 E Maumee St. in Adrian, MI. But we need YOUR help before we can move forward with any work on the building.
Our contractor has shared that due to our harsh Michigan weather the roof must be weatherproofed before we can start any work inside. If we do not meet our December 1st deadline there is a great chance the roof may not survive the harsh weather and collapse making the building unusable.
We are asking YOU, the Adrian community to help us raise the roof on the Sunnyside Center For Peace & Justice!
Thank You!

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